• DCC Distinctives

    We connect people and churches who are committed to loving God, their communities, and walking together in friendship.

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  • Emerging Nicaraguan Network

    Be encouraged by this encouraging testimonial from Pastor Douglas Valerio, a young leader who is catalyzing the Network movement in Nicaragua.

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  • “Just Relationships”

    DCC is about relationships rooted in justice, mutual respect, and love. AND we are about relationships that exist just for the sake of friendship…not as means to an end.

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  • Hillside Covenant & Vision Celestial

    Hillside Covenant (Walnut Creek, CA) has been journeying with RdC Network church, Vision Celestial, for a number of years. How encouraging to be a part of their team connection!

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April Webinar: Integral Mission & The Kingdom

Join us on Tuesday, April 15th for our next webinar "Integral Mission and the Kingdom" with Tom and Dee Yaccino. We continue to explore the understanding and practice of "integral" or "wholistic" mission.

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From the Blog

Celebrating Resurrection Sunday

The community of faith in Jesus Christ comes together all over the world this weekend to celebrate the event that changed everything—the sacrificial death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

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About DCC


When diverse churches from around the world connect in authentic, life-giving relationships, powerful things happen. This is exactly what DCC gets to facilitate every day!

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Latest News

A Blessed Easter!

DCC produced this visual liturgy, "Mystery" with The Work of the People for our To Be Told video teaching series. May it be a creative reminder of what we Celebrate this Easter!

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