Water Purification in Guatemala

From time to time, DCC highlights giving opportunities in the Red del Camino Network. While these are specific initiatives, the impact goes beyond individual churches as pastors and leaders gather often to share stories and best practices. That is the beauty of walking together in friendship...everything is shared- even ideas!

This month we are highlighting a water purification project in Guatemala. We would love to have you be a part of this exciting initiative. Click here to give!

Water Purification

San Marcos, Guatemala

Total Need: $1,850

This investment will kick-start the recently inaugurated water purification plant installed at the Cristo Vive local church in San Marcos,  Guatemala.

This church-based community health initiative will provide purified safe drinking water at affordable prices to the families of the San Pablo Municipality in San Marcos. 

Four local churches, Iglesia Evangelica Galilea, Iglesia de Dios Evangelio Completo, Iglesia Evangelica Torre Fuerte, and Iglesia Cristo Vive, all members of the Red del Camino Guatemala in the Southwest region of the country, have come together in this collaborative effort to serve their community as one body.

These churches have crossed denominational boundaries and embraced the churches call to be salt in light to bring blessings to their neighbors in their context!

This initiative needs to acquire new 5-gallon water bottles, caps, and seals to increase the distribution among the population.

An investment of $1,850 would allow the four churches to purchase 500 5-gallon water bottles and 1000 plastic caps and seals.  

Please prayerfully consider this Kingdom Investment Opportunity and help these churches be the church... bringing life and hope to their community. 

Please give here through our DCC give page.  

All donation are tax deductible and 100% of your investment goes to this church-based initiative!


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