• DCC Distinctives

    We connect people and churches who are committed to loving God, their communities, and walking together in friendship.

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  • “Just Relationships”

    DCC is about relationships rooted in justice, mutual respect, and love. AND we are about relationships that exist just for the sake of friendship…not as means to an end.

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  • Emerging Cuban RdC

    For the second time, leaders from the Costa Rican Network, Alberto Castro and Roy Soto, traveled to Cuba upon the invitation of church leaders.

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  • Upcoming Summer Connections

    A busy summer of Kingdom connecting continues from now through August! We have many Serving and Learning Teams that will be connecting with RdC Network churches throughout Latin America!

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June Webinar: Networks Part 1

Listen to the recording from our latest webinar "Networks Connecting for Wholistic Change" with Tom and Dee Yaccino.

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From the Blog

Grace found in the RdC Network

James Henderson reflects on the recent grace-filled and friendship rich country and continental RdC gatherings in Mexico!

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About DCC


When diverse churches from around the world connect in authentic, life-giving relationships, powerful things happen. This is exactly what DCC gets to facilitate every day!

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Latest News

Costa Rica Connections

This past July, DCC partner, Palm Valley Church, sent the first of two teams to Costa Rica. Watch their video testimony!

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