Kingdom Investment Opportunities: 

Doing Something New

We arecommitted to just relationships. Our committment to foster  relationships within a Kingdom of God framework changes the way we approach fundraising. We beleive this is the framework from which all transformational results flow.

Sometimes we promote specific initiatitves, like Terra Coco in Guatemala.  These funding opportunities support and encourage established ministry initiatives and give you a chance to channel your support directly to an individual RdC Network minsitry. 

Most of the time, we encourage people to invest in one of four funds we have established:

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  • Del Camino Connection
  • Active Red del Camino Networks
  • Emerging RdC Networks
  • Local Church Initiatives for Transformational Development

The focus is on networking and the transformation that occurs as a result of these relationships. We believe this structure reflects the interconnectedness of our work and is aligned with how we operate.

We invite you to invest your financial gifts but also your gifts of time and talent. Get involved! See for yourself the work of RdC churches on the ground. We want to join you on your journey to learn, share, and experience Kingdom relationships around the world!

Read on to learn about each of these funds. Contact us to find out how we can help serve and support you as participants in God’s mission to make all things new.

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You can also send your tax exempt donation to: Del Camino Connection P.O. Box 450 Wheaton, IL 60187-0450

Investment Funds

1: Del Camino Connection Fund

We believe in the transformative power of relationships. We think Jesus did too. DCC facilitates Kingdom connections and exchanges by encouraging people to know one another, to learn about each other, and to understand how each is uniquely contributing as a co-laborer in God’s mission to make all things new.  As the relationship deepens, we accompany the process of discovering together what each can do as they serve one another in that mission.

We understand that is not a simple or easy process. Ongoing coaching and assessment is often necessary to intentionally grow a community of faith towards a Kingdom-aligned mission strategy. DCC helps churches and organizations move their cross-cultural relational connections forward in a positive life-giving direction through training, consulting and coaching that is uniquely tailored for their specific place on the journey. Click here to give! Select Del Camino Connection from the drop down menu.

2: RdC Network Fund

The Red del Camino Network (RdC) is a grassroots movement of churches from the global South who are committed to friendship, learning, and working together in order to reflect the transforming power of the Kingdom of God in the world.

At annual national and regional gatherings, one spirit unites diverse groups of believers around discovering and participating in God’s mission to make all things new. In communities and neighborhoods throughout Latin America, local churches are breaking the mold to be present in their contexts and are reaching out to the lost and hurting-  revealing powerful glimpses of God’s grace filled unconditional love- God’s Kingdom among us. Click here to give! Select Red del Camino Network from the drop down menu.

3: Emerging Networks Fund

The spirit of friendship and enthusiasm found in the RdC is contagious.  Emerging network movements are springing up throughout Latina America. Pastors and ministry leaders are hungry for something different and the fraternalism, encouragement, and genuine transformation that are happening in small, organic ways is making more churches take notice.

But the organic and decentralized nature of the RdC means that the process of developing a new network can be a fragile and slow. Our goal is not to add more names or countries to a roster, but rather to come along side interested churches in new countries in a spirit of friendship and a desire to cultivate true relationship.  Click here to give! Emerging RdC Networks from the drop down menu.

4: Local Church Initiatives Fund

The RdC is full of stories and testimonies of inspiring and transformative practice of network churches committed to participating in God’s restorative mission in the world. We see these individual initiatives as more than one-off projects. church based initiative serves the whole network movement by acting as living testimonies for best-practices, innovative experiments, and opportunities for God’s Kingdom to be revealed in tangible life-giving ways. 

As churches and leaders step out in faith to bring hope and transformation to their communities, they are connected to a continental platform for sharing, learning, and growing. Click here to give! Select Church-based Initiatives from the drop down menu.