Certified Coaching

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As you may know, DCC offers training and consulting to cultivate healthy, God honoring local and global partnerships. You have hopefully already seen fruit from having participated in numerous workshops, webinars, and personal consultations with DCC throughout many years of accompaniment. 

We are so excited to be able to share with you a new and improved facet of DCC’s work that will serve you even better!

Tom has recently been certified by Creative Results Management as a professional coach (  
This new coaching aspect is a valuable tool for your key missions leaders and staff that can further equip your team to effectively navigate your ministry partnerships.

What you can expect from DCC Coaching:

  • Coaching is about you – your goals, your learning, and your growth. Together you and your coach will listen to the Holy Spirit to hear His voice about you.
  • Coaching is about learning – rather than teaching. You are the expert on your life/ministry/ and history of partnerships.  DCC will create a space in which we will actively listen, question, encourage, challenge, and supportively move you forward in taking the next steps in whatever goal or outcome you decide to focus on.
  • Coaching is about action – your action. In each session you will determine 1-3 actions steps to take before the next session. You may be surprised how quickly you progress toward your goals.
  • Coaching is about ALL of you – not just your work or ministry. We all know that changing old habits and thought patterns are difficult. Your DCC coach recognizes these patterns and will support you as you change and grow.

What you can expect from DCC Coaching:

DCC has always provided consulting, mentoring and training services to our church and organizational partners. But with this new, more formal coaching service, we hope to add a valuable component to the accompaniment process. 

You are already bearing fruit that gives evidence to God’s Kingdom and the global body of Christ in ways that bring regular growth and change. Coaching will serve to accelerate improvements you are already seeking.

We offer this coaching service free to DCC formal church partners—those who support DCC on a monthly or annual basis! If you are not currently a formal DCC partner we ask you to consider committing to regularly support DCC. Click here to set up a recurring gift.

If you decide to simply take advantage of this coaching service for a one-time trial, we offer a 6-month coaching agreement consisting of one initial session to determine a series of coaching goals followed by two 1-hour calls per month for a 6-month period. The fee for this service is $600.

We are thrilled to begin this process with you! How about you? Call (847-454-8691) or e-mail us with questions or when you want to begin taking advantage of this new DCC-based coaching service.



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