Kingdon Investment Opportunity

Investment Summary

The RdC in Honduras exists to restore and bring hope to their communities
through the work of the local church. The network of churches is committed to the
restorative mission of God and her integral practice of living out the Good News
of the Kingdom. This community of diverse yet unified chuches is committed to
bring peace to a place where the challenges of the current national struggles, such as
poverty, violence and corruption, are very present.

In order to deepen and expand the network they need to increase their capacity to
connect, gather, inspire and equip church leaders throughout the country.

Support will empower the network to develop a regional connector role to help
them increase their presence in strategic regions of the country, in order to facilitate
gatherings, to connect, equip, and encourage the churches in their efforts.
Support will also empower the network to build into the couragageous young men
and women who have experienced the need in Honduras first hand and have felt
the prompting to be the difference makers in their country. The passion for justice
among the next generation of leaders is what keeps the RdC in Honduras alive and


• Facilitate 5 regional meetings for the inspiration, training
and equippig, and comunion of churches participating in
the RdC-H
• Create relational bonds with 30 local and national
churches through visits, social networking, literature,
equipping and community building retreats.
• Strengthen the commitment of existing network
churches, and develop a core of 6 “churches of reference” to
share best practice and Integral processes
• Initiate a discipleship program for the next generation of
leaders & develop a plan for a youth leadership training
center for the engagement of churches in social justice

The Need: $7,000.00

Your investment will help to create 2 part time facilitator roles
and employ 2 young leaders from the RdC H to:
• Develop the communciations and networking strategy
including social media, broadcast and networking platforms
• Facilitate regional meetings for the inspiration, equipping,
and comunity building among the participating network
• Travel to new regions to follow up church inquiries to the
RdC H and accompany churches that are transtioning from
traditional to integral models of ministry.




Support to the RdC in Honduras is channeled through Del Camino
Your contributions are 100% tax deductible. Click here to make an electronic donation.

Donations can also be sent by check. Make checks out to
“Del Camino Connection” with “RdC in Honduras” and send to:

Del Camino Connection, P.O. Box 450 Wheaton, IL 60187

THANK YOU for your partnership in this effort to serve the RdC network
movement in Honduras.



Del Camino Connection is fundamentally committed to change

how people relate to each other across distance

and difference. We believe the world will change in direct

proportion to how well we build Just Relationships.





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