November Webinar: The Church & Integral Misison

The Church & Integral Mission:
Reinterpreting God's Vision for the Local Church


We’ve been doing a lot of ‘reinterpreting’ in the North American church these days, and by most accounts it’s been a healthy and generative process. To carry on that tradition, our final conversation in our 2014  webinar series will ask:

What does it mean to ‘reinterpret God’s vision’ for the church as a sign and foretaste of the kingdom?

Our kingdom orientation guides us to think more holistically about the church in mission: the possibilities inherent in redemptive actions like mutuality, warning, reconciliation, rebuke, and loving servanthood (to name a few). We’ll explore what this means for the habits and practices of the people of God, and their activities in the world that God loves.

Interactive Webinar with
Karen Parchman & Tom and Dee Yaccino

Tuesday, November 18th
1:00pm Eastern, 12:00pm Central

Listen to the recording

Join us for this last session in our 2014 series!

If you get the chance, between now and the webinar, try to read Isaiah 65:17-25 every day. We will use this passage as a lens for our discussion.


Del Camino Connection's "Conversations Along the Way" Webinar Series is an on-line space where we explore what the Kingdom of God teaches us about walking together with ministry partners.

Our 2014 Theme is Exploring Integral Mission. We believe that God's heart is for ministry to be done wholistically- incorporating evangelism, discipleship, and community transformation in a local context.

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