Our Friends

In DCC we value the relationships that develop as we walk the road together.  These friends are truly our greatest treasures.  Let us introduce you to some of them::

La Red Del Camino www.lareddelcamino.net

The Red del Camino Network is a movement of local churches, and leaders in Latin America that believe that participate as servants in the life of the Kingdom of God in response to Jesus’ radical call to "love one another as He has loved us."  Click here to read more about the RdC. [link to RdC page]

The Work of the People www.theworkofthepeople.com

The Work of the People (TWOTP)represents a community of artists, storytellers, filmmakers, poets and theologians. This diverse and creative community sees its work to tell the Story, God’s story as it is being written in the lives of His people in the world. TWOTP seeks to share and ask poignant questions through film, literature, art and music. TWOTP creates visual media for the Church.

Mustard Seed Association www.msainfo.org

Mustard Seed Associates (MSA) is a small non profit organization that seeks to raise awareness of challenges that Christians will face in their lives, churches & communities in the future. It is unique in that it is a crossroads, grassroots organization - connecting people across generations, denominations and cultures and encouraging them to become cultural creatives. MSA fosters spirituality and innovation that enable Christians to create new ways to both be a difference and make a difference in order to advance God’s kingdom purposes and engage tomorrow’s challenges.

Ecclesia www.ecclesianet.com

Ecclesia is a relational network of churches leaders and movements that seek to equip partner and multiply missional churches and movements.

Amahoro Africa www.amahoro-africa.org

Amahoro exists to encourage and facilitate a conversation and network of friendships among leaders engaging with the postcolonial African world in the name of Jesus. Amahoro’s mission is to motivate and accompany the local church, both in its development as a community of the Kingdom of God and as an agent of transformation in its African context.

Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) www.ccda.org

CCDA is a pioneer in the US for church based community development. They provide an excellent tools to local churches that are seeking to make a transformational impact on their context as they seek to participate in God's dream to reconcile all things through Christ. Del Camino Connection and the Del Camino network connect with CCDA and serve in their institutes and conferences, bringing a Latin American perspective to church based development as well as principles for the establishment of synergistic Kingdom connections.