Red del Camino Network

The Red del Camino Network is a movement of local churches and leaders across Latin America that believe in the life of the Kingdom of God in response to Jesus’ radical call to "love one another as He has loved us." 

There are Network movements in 7 countries with emerging networks in 4 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The Network was the soil out of which Del Camino Connection grew. Read more about the history of DCC.

How Does It Work?

Churches in the RdC Network seek to participate in God's mission to reconcile and restore all things... revealing the Kingdom through their love, action and relationships.

The spirit of friendship and enthusiasm found in the RdC is contagious. Emerging network movements are springing up throughout Latina America. Pastors and ministry leaders are hungry for something different and the fraternalism, encouragement, and genuine transformation that are happening in small, organic ways is making more churches take notice.

But the organic and decentralized nature of the RdC means that the process of developing a new network can be fragile and slow. Our goal is not to add more names or countries to a roster, but rather to come along side interested churches in new countries in a spirit of friendship and a desire to cultivate true relationship.

What does the Movement Do ?

The RdC organizes annual national and continental gatherings, facilitates opportunities for learning, training, and sharing best practices. Network churches are connected as friends first who are committed to accompanying one another and serving together in their understanding of the collective to participate in God’s plan for the restoration of all things. Read more about the Network in action here!